• Abundance Accounting

    Abundance Accounting is an accounting and advisory firm founded by Strategy Consultant Luke Costa. With an integrated approach, we employ tried and tested combinations of structure and strategy alongside cutting edge digital solutions, to provide an optimal approach for day-to-day business operations.


    We offer clients a straightforward, seamless master plan for all of their accounting needs. Designing the right combination of software, client access, and bespoke strategy delivers results whether you are a sole trader or a multifaceted company.


    Abundance Accounting's streamlined digital solutions replace the traditional end-of-year meetings, generic tax planning, and time spent on compliance rather than growing your business. This means that you are receiving quality accounting and business advisory services instead of just bookkeeping, data validation, and tax return preparation. With your affairs managed in real time, we can spend the rest of the time getting results while helping you grow, develop, and earn.

    If you wish to arrange an engagement or speak with an adviser, please contact us below.