• Property Investment Modelling & Advice

    Property investors understand the value of advice. Whether you are a first home buyer or maintain a well-established portfolio, we can assist you in all stages of analysis, modelling, finance, and structuring. With the right analysis and modelling you can separate the profitable projects from the time-wasters.


    We avoid all all of the so called 'property research houses', real estate agents, and resellers, and work directly with you and your chosen professionals. Where you are building, we can work directly with your builders and developers and also have our own trusted builders. We can often improve your deposit by passing on rebates and builders contributions where available.


    Online, in-person, or home/business visits are available.

    First Home Buyers

    No matter your deposit

    We work with people - not companies - so you are looked after. We have no referral arrangements with any particular builder, lender, or project manager. We help you navigate the choices and consider your long term goals instead of the closest place you can afford. Depending on your needs you can get started with as little as $5,000 deposit.


    Projects and Investment Analysis

    Projects com in all shapes and sizes. An appropriate investment analysis provides the necessary information to decide on the project in the short-term as well as the often overlooked effect on your total portfolio. We provide holistic advice and take a Goals-Based approach to consider your overall position now, medium-term, and long-term.